A Dark Wood

The Darkest Night

It's always darkest before the storm...

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“Seeking Fellow Adventurers, Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.”

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In the beginning…

It all started out quietly enough; hanging out gambling, drinking, & what have you at the Immoral Paladin in the heart of the bustling port city of ColdWater Station. You had traveled to this busied northern port in the Kingdom of Ostenth Ard to escape. Escape what? Even you were unsure, but you fancied yourself an adventurer, and you knew for certain that you would “find adventure” if you lingered about long enough. ColdWater was huge, easy enough to get lost in, and that was exactly what you wanted for the time being, to get lost. You’d taken an odd job or two over the last few weeks to ensure you had a few coins to rub together. You’d also made a few “friends” with some of the other regulars, they too seemed to be distancing themselves from the troubles of the world & in some ways you were kindred spirits

One of the Inn regulars known to you was ArTour, a simple earnest young acolyte apprenticed to the locally famous adventurer, Thjostolf Bloodshield, was hurriedly tacking a notice to the door. Though he never gambled, he spent more than few coins on drink. He had not been around for days and appeared rushed this evening.

The notice; “Seeking Fellow Adventurers, Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.” He was seeking the aid of able-bodied adventurers willing to join him in an expedition. Promising an equal division of all gold recovered, he soon gathered a group of comrades-at-arms, including yourself. eager for adventure, gold, and glory.

Readying yourselves with the necessary equipment, you were to travel to the village of RedThorn at first light.
All your questions seeking insight into this foray meet with a reluctance from ArTour, he said he would explain everything “on the way.”

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“Who can say that life’s bitterest nightmares are not but its sweetest dreams unfulfilled? Who can say that the heart of most lives is not but a series of loosely joined decisions made to justify one inescapable past decision, a mosaic of tiles aligned by all means with one primordial, now nonnegotiable, tile on the path of life? Who can say that this step, and the next, and then the next, are not just premeditated shadows of a stance, even a happenstance, portrayed, in resolute retrospect, as a wise and lasting decision?

We are, most of us, living desperately to explain, understand, unearth — or, then again, perhaps to dilute and annihilate — decisions we no longer have a choice but to make our own. It only takes one decision, of a certain intoxicating quality, falling in a certain fertile time, striking at a precisely crippling angle, to set in motion the remainder of a life, whereupon one is henceforth committed with blind ambition to prove, to one’s self as much as to others, how his life is not explained by, not subject to, a past decision, but rather is committed to reconstituting it, in clever hindsight, as one’s intention all along. May it not be that from our most mundane scrabbling to our most valiant achievements, we are in fact simply trying to look ourselves in the mirror with a lens that finally unscrambles the image we bent into a certain shape some time before? Gazing into this mirror, who can regard any action as empty and meaningless when it is bursting with the desire to explain itself, and, if not the whole world, at least a whole life, in light of an irrevocable shift in the winds that we chose to follow long ago? Then again, who can see in any action but a hollow, desiccated corpse of freedom, when we realize every moment is vampirized by the haunting awareness that you are what you are, you do what you do, you reject what you reject, simply in order not to retrace your way and not to have to replace that incorrigible, inaugural tile?

The sense we make of our lives may not in fact make sense, given the sometimes arbitrary bases it tries to build from, but making sense of ourselves — predicating our purpose on our predicaments — is unavoidable. One may either direct life towards a pristine, but indefinitely delayed, goal . . . or lead it out, like a rope unfurling, frayed, into the briny depths of mortality, as consistently and with as much decorum as possible from a starting point one feels obliged to make one’s own. At some point, a decision, or even a failure to decide, takes on disproportionate significance in the story of our lives, and every page after that cannot but be embossed with the same theme, the same image, if only that we can read our life as one, coherent, progressive tale.
Pick your path, then press on… “

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“You have traveled four days with your new found companions. Rain and cloudy weather have marred your travels since you left, slowing your pace and forcing you to keep off the main road and travel under the eaves of the woods to the north of the treadway.
It does seem odd to have such strange weather. Sunshine can be seen on the far horizon, and you all have a feeling that something is amiss, as if a dark cloud is following you.
Each of you thinks back to the the Inn where you formed your fellowship. You shift your packs, which seem even heavier in the rain, and recall Artour’s notice: “Seeking Fellow Adventurers,” it read. “Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.” As you look down at your muddy boots, you think to yourself that you would gladly trade his promises of gold for dry clothes and a warm fire."

And This Is Where Our Story Begins…


The Darkest Night – Page 7

Running the Adventure

Now that you have read the Player’s Introduction, proceed through the adventure presented below in Act and Scene format. Each Scene begins with a section of boxed text to be read to your players. It then contains information for you to use to run the particular Scene.

Act I—Between Thunder & Lightning

The First Watch

Weary from the long walk, you finally find a nice sheltered area a little ways off the main road and build your campfire. One of you makes a quick catch with a small snare and soon the smell of roasting rabbit wafts through the air.

Each of you feels as if you can finally relax, rest your sore feet and change into dry clothing. It appears your luck may be changing.

The party makes their camp to get out of the rain.
Draw up a map of a small clearing against the base of a hill, amidst a grove of trees. The small clearing is about 20’ in diameter. The hillside is steep and gives protection from the wind and rain, and the light trees give some protection from the rain as well. Stress that the characters should take off their armor and stow their weapons to keep them dry. Make a point of mentioning rust and the problems of sleeping in armor.

Ask the players what they do with their other equipment.
Figure out where they build their fire—if they build it in the open of the clearing, they will have trouble keeping it lit. The better location would be either against the hillside or by one of the trees under cover from the rain. Regardless of what your players decide to do, draw a map of the camp they set up. Ask the players what they do with their other equipment.

Figure out where they build their fire—if they build it in the open of the clearing, they will have trouble keeping it lit. The better location would be either against the hillside or by one of the trees under cover from the rain.

Regardless of what your players decide to do, draw a map of the camp they set up. Ask the party if they set a watch and if so in what order the characters stand watch. Make them arrange their characters on the map—where they will sleep, etc. Once this is determined, darkness begins to fall, leading to the next scene.

Darkness falls, and the fire begins to die down. The characters not standing watch drift off to sleep.

The sky has been dark and stormy all day, and has only recently seemed to taper off.


A loud ground-shaking peal of thunder rips across the landscape and seems to roll on in the distance, startled and awake you bolt upright from your lying positions.

Now heavy cold rain begins to fall, accompanied by loud peals of thunder that seem to roll across the landscape. The night sky is filled with massive storm clouds, and a cold wind blows from the east. As bolts of lightning begin to slam from cloud to ground pieces of hail begin to strike the ground, the need for shelter becomes obvious.

In the distance, towards the top of the large hill your camped against, its form illuminated by the occasional lightning bolt, seems to be a rocky outcropping, and though climbing it in this weather would be folly, it might be the only safe haven in the area. The only alternative is to endure the weather and that could prove deadly!

Any character who makes a successful DC 15 Knowledge check can identify this as a tor and recall a bit of the regions history;

This along with many other tors are found throughout the Guilderland region and are ruins from long ago when a small but mighty humanoid kingdom existed in what is now the local wilderness. Bugbear, Orc, Goblins and Ogre warriors fought brutal wars of expansion, earning great fame and amassing considerable fortunes from their predations. Those who died in battle were buried in large tomb complexes dug into hillsides and honored as patrons of the living. This seems to be a typical example of this kind of structure.

As happens to all such nations, the cruel humanoid kingdom eventually fell to a more powerful foe that razed its cities and outlying fortifications, they were eventually driven back into the Scarr Valley within the White Mnts and reside their to this day. Of the tombs, most have been looted and or destroyed. This one however appears to have escaped that fate — probably because it is an unimportant monument in a remote location.

If PCs balk at heading for the tor, bring the weather into play. Once the hail gets bad enough to deal lethal damage, the characters may become more willing to run for cover.

The Darkest Night – Page 8


The climb, though somewhat labored is relatively easy;

The massive tor towers above the surrounding country. Labored gasps escape as your pounded by heavy chunks of ice pounding the ground around you. As you approach the summit you notice the few narrow ledges offer scant protection from the elements, but a closer inspection reveals a massive, arched entryway at least 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide, set into the side of the hill. The ground just outside it slopes away from the doorway, directing the falling water out and away. Given this fact and the sturdy nature of the hill, whatever space lies beyond the door should be both dry and safe from lightning and hail. The construction seems quite sturdy, so the likelihood of collapse, even in severe conditions such as these, is remote.

Any character who makes a DC 12 Search or Knowledge (architecture and engineering) check can determine that the stonework of the doorway and the surrounding area is indeed very strong. A dwarf can automatically determine the same information.

A DC 15 Spot check reveals the broken remains of an immense, round stone scattered across the ground near the entrance. This stone once blocked the doorway, but it was blasted apart by lightning some weeks ago.

Read or paraphrase the following once the PCs have

The stone chamber beyond the entrance measures at least ten paces square. Broken scrollwork suggest that it was once decorated with some care, but now only dust remains.

Three massive stone doors—one each to the left and right, and one directly across from the entrance—lead deeper into the tor.

Each of the three doors is locked, and the DC for the required Open Lock check is high enough to be beyond the capabilities of even a talented 1st-level character. If the PCs arrive at different times, let them all get to this point before moving on to encounter 3. If they seem interested in talking, let them introduce themselves and perhaps set up camp in this chamber. Proceed to encounter 3 when they are ready to go on. This would be a good time to introduce any NPCs as well.
0 Doors: 4 in. thick, hardness 8, hp 60, break DC 28, Open Lock 30.

3. RAT RACE (EL 2)
This encounter is not noted on the map. It occurs in
area 2 at a time of the DM’s choosing, sometime after all the PCs have arrived there.

The sound of pouring rain, pounding hail, and howling wind from outside is interrupted only by the occasional loud crack of thunder. Still, this room seems stable enough for the most part.

Even when the thunder seems to shake the very ground, not so much as a mote of dust filters down from the ceiling. The doors leading into the tor, however, do show signs of weakness, seeming to tremble with every thunderclap.

Suddenly, in conjunction with a particularly loud thunderclap, the door directly across from the entrance breaks open, falling from the doorway into the room with a great cacophony. Seconds later, the sounds of squeaking fill the air as a three enormous dire rats swarm in from beyond.

A bolt of lightning has opened a crevice in the next room, spooking a rat nest there, fortunately only three came down the corridor, the others fled deeper into the tor..

Creatures: (2) Dire Rats swarm into the chamber,
seeking a way out.
Dire Rats (2): hp 38, 38, Bloodied 19

Tactics: Panicked by the thunder and the flooding of their nest, the rats attack the nearest targets they see, though no more than two pile onto any one target. Even though a rat can deal only 1d6 +2 points of damage with its bite, each such attack can cause Filth Fever.

Filth Fever: Lvl 3 Disease stable DC16, improve DC 21 Target is healed ! Initial effect: Target loses 1 healing surge !! Target takes -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex defense ! Target takes -2 penalty, loses all healing surges and cannot regain HP.

Treasure: This encounter has no treasure associated with it. EXP = 200 (100 for each)

The Darkest Night – Page 9

Initiative 2 Senses Perception5; low-light vision
HP 38; Bloodied 19
AC 15; Fortitude 15, Reflex 13, Will 11
Speed 6, climb 3
Bite (standard; at-will) • Disease
4 vs. AC, 1d62 damage, and the target contracts filth fever
Skills Stealth +7
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 6 (-2)
Equipment -
Description Filth Fever Lvl 3 Disease stable DC16, improve DC 21 Target is healed ! Initial effect: Target loses 1 healing surge !! Target takes -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex defense ! Target takes -2 penalty, loses all healing surges and cannot regain HP.

Read or paraphrase the following aloud when the PCs enter this area.

The long stone hall ends in a stone chamber furnished only with cracked, moldering tables on which lie rusted implements of iron. Rain falls into the middle of the room from a shaft in the ceiling that must run all the way to the top of the tor. From the bottom of the shaft dangles a rope, swinging slightly. A drain in the center of the floor allows the water to escape, but old, dark stains suggest that it was used to carry away other fluids long ago.

Suddenly, from a doorway on the far side of the room steps a skeletal humanoid and his four legged companion. He stands more than 6 feet tall and appears to once have been an orc. The skeletal wolf has glowing feral eyes. With a sound, the two draw their weapons and charge.

The rope does indeed lead up to the top of the tor. Climbing it requires a DC 15 Climb check. Inspection of the area surrounding the shaft’s upper opening, however, reveals only the wrecked remains of a hobgoblin camp. The shaft was dug out by tomb robbers long ago to provide easy access to the riches within the tor.

Initiative 6 Senses Perception 3; darkvision
HP 55; Bloodied 27
AC 18; Fortitude 15, Reflex 16, Will 15
Speed 5
Longsword (standard; at-will) • Weapon
+10 vs. AC, 1d8
2 damage, and the target marked.

Wis 10 (0)
Cha 6 (-2)
Equipment – -Longsword
Description Animated by dark magic and composed entirely of bones, a skeleton is emotionless and soulless, desiring nothing but to serve its creator.
Tactics A skeleton warrior charges fearlessly into battle, using speed of the dead to mercilessly attack enemies that try to slip past its guard.

Initiative 5 Senses Perception7; low-light vision
HP 38; Bloodied 19
AC 16; Fortitude 14, Reflex 14, Will 10
Speed 7
Bite (standard; at-will)
7 vs. AC, 1d62 damage

Wis 10 (0)
Cha 6 (-2)
Equipment -

These two fight until destroyed!

The Darkest Night – Page 10

Read or paraphrase the following when the PCs enter the corridor leading up to this room.

At the end of this hallway is a small chamber whose wooden door lies on the floor. The smell of dust pervades the air, and the sound of thunder is
muted here. Numerous body-shaped lumps are visible through the doorway, each wrapped carefully in layers of grey thread like woven mummies.

The real encounter here is not the room at the end of the hall, but the short hallway itself. The door to the room has long since rotted off its hinges, and the doorway is now covered by the web of a Medium monstrous spider. Any character walking toward the doorway can make a DC 20 Spot check to notice the nearly invisible silk before walking into it. Any character who touches the web is caught as if in a net, except that he is also unable to move from the doorway. The web can be destroyed by blows from weapons, though any weapon that comes in contact with it also sticks to its strands (DC 16 Str check to free a weapon). Only one creature can be stuck in the web at a time.

0 Web: DR 5/—, hp 6, break DC 16, Escape
Artist DC 12.

Creature: The spider that wove the web is hiding on the ceiling, which is also covered with nearly-invisible webbing. It gains a circumstance bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks because of the webbing.

Medium Monstrous Spider: hp 22; Hide +15, Move Silently +11

Tactics: The spider attacks (with surprise, if possible) as soon as a character gets stuck in or attacks the web in the doorway. It always attacks the nearest target, making no effort to avoid flanking maneuvers or eliminate more effective foes first. Since the spider is a web-spinner, it can throw webbing at targets, but it does so only if no character is currently entangled in a web.

Development: Once the spider has been dispatched and its webs rendered harmless, the characters can proceed into the room. The lumps in the chamber are the dead, mummified bodies of literally hundreds of rats, plus various humanoids.

Treasure: Hidden among the mummified corpses within the room are numerous rusted weapons and tattered clothes, all of which are worthless. On the floor, however, lies a 0-level pearl of power (see Appendix) and a bag that contains 75 gp. A DC 10 Search check is needed to find either of these items.

Initiative 6 Senses Perception 6; Tremorsense
HP 22 ; Bloodied 11
AC 17; Fortitude 15, Reflex 16, Will 14
Speed 6, Climb 6
Bite (standard; at-will) • Poison
+6 vs. AC, 1d8
3 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 poison damage for 1d6 rounds and is slowed by ½
Death from Above (standard; at-will)
The spider leaps at its prey, shifting 6 squares and making a bite attack. On a hit, it deals an extra 1d6 damage and also knocks the target prone.

Skills Move silently +11 Hide +15
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 6 (-2)
Equipment – -

Read or paraphrase the following when the PCs enter this chamber.

This room is empty save for dust and a single, small, stone chest in the center of the floor. Evidently no one has disturbed this chamber for
many years.

The stone chest is built into the floor and cannot be
Chest: 4 in. thick stone walls, hardness 10, hp 60, break DC 28.
Trap: The lid of the chest is unlocked, but it is connected to a trap that fires a fusillade of darts at everyone in the room. Attaking the chest also sets off the trap.
Fusillade of Darts Trap: CR 1; mechanical, touch trigger (attached); manual reset; Atk 10 ranged (1d41, dart); multiple targets (fires one dart at every square); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 20;
Treasure: The chest contains a Leather Belt (see Appendix), two pearls (worth 100 gpeach), and a small bag containing 100 gp.

The Darkest Night – Page 11

Read or paraphrase the following when the PCs enter this chamber.

The only object of interest in this chamber is a fat squat statue at the far end. It resembles a demonic frog of sorts, covered in moss and vines.
Just before ArTour finishes speaking, one of you notices that you are not the only listeners. About fifteen feet away is the largest raven you have ever seen, and it’s eyes glow with red fire. You jump up, frightened, as the raven flies off into the night with a shriek. ArTour fears that enemies are near at hand.

The night progresses uneventful provided the characters stay at camp, should they roam or press on ArTour will strongly recommend that they stay and recover.

Your up and off before dawn, the air is very cool as your breath whisps from your mouth as you breath. You can sense the coming rains again, so you fastidiously head for RedThorn roughly a day away.

You have traveled most of the day without indecent, passing a few other travelers headed east, towards ColdWater, small talk has lead you to believe the road ahead is clear and your nearing your destination. The thoughts of a warm bed and hot filling food, not to mention an ale or two bolsters your steps.

Nearing the days end you know you are drawing near RedThorn. Finally, you feel as though a weight has been lifted, it has however begun to drizzle again, adding haste to your step.

The Darkest Night – Page 14

Act III—Uninvited Guests

The Road To RedThorn

It has been hours since you have seen a sole, and only a handful of rustic, often abandoned farmsteads suggest that this is inhabited country

As your party rounds a bend in the road, you hear a shrill female scream a ways away.

You see farmhouse off about a quarter of a mile away,
in the fields, near the woodline. In the distance, a strange four-legged feathered creature menaces an overturned wagon. An elderly man stands caught between beast and wagon, attempting to fend the creature off with a pitchfork.

As you quickly approach you see another young man—or what is left of him—lying in the front yard of the home, a large bite taken out of him and missing one arm. A woman, and a small children lie in contorted positions, the boy completely disemboweled, the woman, a large gash to her head. Blood covers the hay in the yard.

The overturned wagon sits roughly 100 feet from a small farmhouse. Behind the farmhouse stands an empty
barn. Trunks and boxes are scattered about the road,
along with the body of a dead horse. The old man
does his best against the beast, but deep, bloody wounds
to his chest suggest he may not last long. A young
woman cowers behind the wagon, inexpertly holding a
dagger in front of her.

Creature: The feathered creature is a starving owlbear.
Very old and nearly blind, it attacks by sense of smell.
The beast rushes around wildly, hoping to catch prey in
its powerful grasp. Though intent upon eating the old
man, it turns its attention to another potential meal if
attacked in melee by the PCs. The owlbear has not eaten
for days and is near death (the statistics have been
modified to account for the creature’s condition).

Initiative 6 Senses Perception 12; Low-Light vision
HP 110; Bloodied 55
AC 20; Fortitude 22, Reflex 19, Will 20
Speed 5
Claw (standard; at-will)
Reach 2; +10 vs AC; 2d6 +5 damage
Double Attack (standard; at-will)
The Owlbear makes two claw attacks. If both claws hit the same target, the target is grabbed (until escape)
Bite (standard; at-will)
Grabbed target only; automatic hit; 4d8
5 damage
Stunning Screech (immediate action when bloodied)
Close burst 5; +10 vs Fort; the target is stunned (save vs Fort ends)

Tactics The owlbear will fight until bloodied then race off north into the woods, it will easily outpace any whom are foolish enough to pursue.

NPCs: The old man, Nevil Armstrong, owns both the
barn and farmhouse. He was siting on his porch watching his family do chores when the owlbear attacked, overturning the wagon in its initial rush and killing Nevils son-in-law.
Nevil: hp 3 (currently 1).
Human male of 67 years. Once one of the area’s most prosperous crop farmers, arthritis and age forced him from a life behind the plow to a less physically intensive existence, eking out a modest living by raising cattle. Nevil rarely complains about his knotted hands and sore joints, though his winces and sharp intakes of breath tell a different story than his cheery, self-confident demeanor.
Brynn : hp 2.
Brynn, a comely young woman of seventeen, is a refugee from the south, where many farms have fallen to marauders from the war. Her family’s farm was destroyed months ago, leaving her the sole survivor of a family of six. She barely escaped with her life, and ventured north, to the protection of her grandfather. She is grateful if rescued, and is not above a little hero worship if one of her rescuers is a particularly good-looking.

The Darkest Night – Page 15

Development: Assuming one or both of the owlbear
victims survive, they invite the heroes to spend the night
in the farmhouse. With monsters about, travel is not safe, particularly after dark. If the PCs should agree to stay the night as its long after dark.

If the heroes spend the night, they find their hosts solemn but pleased for the company, Nevil is very saddened at the loss of his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild. Nevil sends Brynn to cook up a nice steak dinner for the heroes, explaining that his favorite cow
was killed last night, and he does not want the meat to
go to waste.
Nevil is not sure who or what got to his cow, but whatever it was managed to get into a locked barn and utterly savage the poor creature. After seeing the results of the attack, Nevil is sure that the animal mutilator plaguing the region is some sort of fierce monster. Whatever killed the animals knew and saw what it was doing, as it went straight for the throats. He’s sure that the owlbear was not responsible, as it was probably starving from lack of game itself. No tracks can be
found in or around the barn, and Nevil has butchered his
cow, destroying any material evidence of the crime.

Brynn is an excellent cook and prepares a delicious
meal. She is very polite, though sad-it is clear that she
is having a difficult time with the developments of the
past few month. She does not like to talk about her family or those who killed them, and she begins to weep when asked about it.

Neither Nevil nor Brynn know about the happening s as of late in RedThorn and prefer to keep the dinner conversation focused on the PCs. They are curious about where the heroes are from, what sort of skills they have, and what they plan to accomplish in their adventuring careers.

After the meal, Brynn cleans the table while Nevil
enjoys a brief smoke from an old pipe. He invites the
heroes to sleep in the sitting room, providing some
old sleeping pallets to help the PCs feel more at home.
Nevil retires, muttering about cleaning up in the morning, and leaves the PCs with wishes for good sleep and promises of a grand breakfast in the morning.

Spending the Night (EL 3)

About three hours after midnight. the farm comes under attack by a band of orcs. If the heroes set a watch during the night, the watching PC may attempt a Spot check (DC 19 if inside, 15 if outside) to notice humanoid shapes or hear movement about 100 feet away from the house, near the site of the battle with the owlbear.

Iris and Luna, Root’s moons, cast fair illumination upon the farmstead. If no one notices the orcs, or if all the heroes sleep through the night, the villains break into the farmhouse, attempting to frighten the inhabitants by shouting and waving their weapons in the air.

Note that some heroes might spend much of this encounter in their bedclothes. Adjust armor classes accordingly

The Darkest Night – Page 16

Creatures: These orcs, a minor scouting party broken off from an orcish encampment, came upon the farm a few hours after the PCs defeated the owlbear. They saw signs of a scuffle and a good deal of blood, and figured that any survivors in the house would make for easy pickings. Technically, their raid on the farmstead is a violation of orders from the enigmatic Lady of the Oak Tree that Burns herself, but these orcs are as cruel and greedy as any of their kind, and value exploiting a chance for plunder over orders.

Tactics: The orcs fight to the death, shouting in Orcish, “For Our Lady!” They attempt to keep as many heroes inside the farmhouse as possible. If discovered before they make their way inside, they do anything they can to break away from combat and run for the more controlled interior environment.

Treasure: If the heroes search the bodies after the fight, they find a total of 12 sp, 7 gp, and a map drawn on a crude piece of parchment.

Development: The PCs may attempt to track the orcs to
determine their point of origin. A relatively simple chec
(DC 18) reveals tracks leading to the road. Thereafter
Tracking is pointless. The orcs traveled great distance, winding on and off the road, through the countryside
more or less at random.
Very canny parties may attempt to allow some orcs to
survive and flee, with the intention of following them to
their lair. Having failed while disobeying orders, however the orcs live in such fear of the Lady (whom they have never seen), that they will abandon the region altogether traveling norht into the White mountains.

After the attack, Nevil and Brynn declare that they no longer feel safe and plan to pack up and head for ColdWater in the morning.

Initiative 2 Senses Perception +5; Low-Light vision
HP 46; Bloodied 23
AC 19; Fortitude 17, Reflex 13, Will 14
Speed 6
Bastard Sword (standard; at-will) • Weapon
+8 vs AC 1d8 +3 (crit 19 1d12
Warriors Surge (standard; while bloodied)
Forgoing an attack, the orc spends a healing surge and gains +10 HP

Tactics The Orc Captain will send his cohorts in first, and will flee after bloodied.

Initiative +2 Senses Perception +5; Low-Light vision
HP 36; Bloodied 18
AC 20; Fortitude 15, Reflex 10, Will 10
Speed 5
Battle Axe (standard; at-will) • Weapon
+8 vs AC 1d12 +3
Warriors Surge (standard; while bloodied)
Forgoing an attack, the orc spends a healing surge and gains +10 HP

Tactics The Orcs blindly obey their captain until he flees, they then follow.

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