A Dark Wood

An Evening of Mixing, Monsters, & Magic Missles

Getting the group together...

“Seeking Fellow Adventurers, Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.”


In the beginning…

It all started out quietly enough, hanging out gambling in the Immoral Paladin in the bustling port city of ColdWater Station. You had traveled to this northern port in the Kingdom of Ostenth Ard to escape the growing war in the south. You fancied yourself an adventurer, not a soldier, and you knew for certain that you would be “recruited” if you lingered about. ColdWater was huge, easy enough to get lost in, and that was exactly what you wanted for the time being, to get lost. You’d taken an odd job or two over the last few weeks to ensure you had a few coins to rub together, you have also had a streak of good fortune as lady luck smiled upon you these past nights, earning you a small fortune gambling. You’ve made a few “friends” with a few of the other regulars, they too seemed to be distancing themselves from the troubles of the world.

One of the Inn regulars, ArTour, a simple earnest young acolyte apprenticed to the locally famous adventurer, Thjostolf Bloodshield, was hurriedly tacking a notice to the door. Though he never gambled, he spent more than few coins on drink. He had not been around for days and appeared rushed this evening.

The notice; “Seeking Fellow Adventurers, Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.” He was seeking the aid of able-bodied adventurers willing to join him in an expedition. Promising an equal division of all gold recovered, he soon gathered a group of comrades-at-arms, including yourself. eager for adventure, gold, and glory.

Readying yourselves with the necessary equipment, you were to travel to the village of RedThorn at first light. All your questions seeking insight into this foray meet with a reluctant answer from ArTour, he said he would explain everything “on the way.”


Alright we’ve got 5 players locked in to kick this campaign off Saturday October 2nd. Interested in participating & live in Central New York? Drop me an email – dra8er (at) savagesorcery.com


We are currently doing a little background roleplaying via google wave.


Session 1 has been rescheduled for 10/16 @ 4PM

Dra8er Dra8er

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