A Dark Wood

Steinn Helvíti 2
'Stone Walls Does Not A Prison Make...'

Steinn helviti 1.5 cover

Nerd Poker – ‘Stone Walls Does Not A Prison Make…’

More Info;
Trapped in the slavers dungeons! Our hardy adventurers have escaped their shackles but must now find their way out, with only their wits and courage to help them. But can they do it? Will they escape or meet a fate that has fallen so many before them?

Join me on Sunday FEB 6th @ 10AM & we can find out together.

Sun, FEB 6, 10am – 3pm
Savage Sorcery 3 Center St. Union Springs, NY 13160

Steinn Helvíti (Stone Hell)
'Stone Walls Does Not A Prison Make...'

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Beware hundreds of good men & women have been taken by the slavers & have never been seen or heard from again!

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, you can count yourself as one of them, or will you rise up against your captors & escape? Will you be the first to return, or will you fall prey to the evil slavers & their nefarious plot?

The Fall
The Sins of our Fathers...

The fall cover

Red Harvest
The blood of our ancestors ran heavy on this soil. Now its time to reap what has been sown.

Red harvest

The Darkest Night
It's always darkest before the storm...

Adw1 preview tdn1

“Seeking Fellow Adventurers, Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.”
I did it for the gold pieces...

Dice small

Campaign Primer;

“You have traveled four days with your new found companions. Rain and cloudy weather have marred your travels since you left, slowing your pace and forcing you to keep off the main road and travel under the eaves of the woods to the north of the treadway.

It does seem odd to have such strange weather. Sunshine can be seen on the far horizon, and you all have a feeling that something is amiss, as if a dark cloud is following you.

Each of you thinks back to the the Inn where you formed your fellowship. You shift your packs, which seem even heavier in the rain, and recall Artour’s notice: “Seeking Fellow Adventurers,” it read. “Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.” As you look down at your
muddy boots, you think to yourself that you would gladly trade his promises of gold for dry clothes and a warm fire."

And This Is Where Our Story Begins…

An Evening of Mixing, Monsters, & Magic Missles
Getting the group together...

“Seeking Fellow Adventurers, Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.”


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